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I really love acting. I mean, it's dressing up and playing pretend. What's not to like? It can be deeply fulfilling--- yada yada yada. However, when I'm not working; I'm over-analyzing, I'm second guessing, and I'm letting the dark areas of my mind take over. Ask any out-of-work actor, it's fucking paralyzing. 

Several years back I was trying to remember why I got into this whole acting thing. Then it hit me: I love to create. So, in an effort to keep my sanity, I started writing again. Looking back now, it's one of the best decisions I ever made. 

Most of the stuff I write, direct, and produce is through a company I co-founded called Crazy Shirt Productions with my good pal, Scott Leaver. Click the button below to get acquainted with all our recent hijinx!

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