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Upcoming Projects

Mahabharata Tour 

Barbican Theatre, London

October 1 - 7, 2023

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Superhuman Public Radio S2 (FFN)

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Holidazed (Hallmark)

The Devil Comes at Night (feature)

How to Fall in Love by Christmas (CME)

Photo by Steve Carty

Shawn Ahmed is an award-winning actor, writer and producer based out of Toronto. His grade 4 teacher recognized his wild imagination and ability to engage his classmates, so she cast him as the lead in the school production of Grease. Thus, began his love for storytelling. Even while he earned a Specialist in Economics and Economic History at the University of Toronto, he found a way to perform; working on stages in the backs of bars, church basements, and at street festivals. 

Shawn has since amassed a lengthy list of credits in film, TV, and theatre. He is called upon to deliver dramatic monologues on The Expanse (Syfy), provide comedic breaks in his recurring role on the hit series, Coroner (CBC/The CW), or to fight alongside the Royal Army  in Far Cry 4 (Ubisoft).  

He is known for balancing the line between comedy and drama, with a penchant for playing quirky character. Critics describe his work as “immensely sympathetic”, while some note his “quick wit”. One time in high school his friend yelled “Shawn’s weird!” and everyone ran away from him. The next day his peers had turned “Shawn’s Weird” into a song with an angelic three-part harmony (true story). These types of incidents and having the term “odd duck” levied towards him have made him wonder, “do I have the same curse as Keanu Reeves? Am I a character actor trapped in a leading man’s body?!” 


He asked this question to Toni Braxton, who he stars alongside in the MOW franchise Fallen Angles Murder Club (Lifetime Network), to which she responded, “bro, I’m trying to eat my lunch here!”

Notable credits include Star Trek: Strage New Worlds (Paramount+), So Help Me Todd (CBS), 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (Hallmark), Fallen Angels Murder Club Vol 1&2 (Lifetime Network), Coroner (CBC/The CW), Under the Christmas Tree (Lifetime Network), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (The CW), Slasher (Chiller), Awake (Netflix), Twilight Zone (CBS), Love on Harbour Island (Hallmark), Hudson and Rex (City TV), Siren (Freeform), Rogue (Direct TV), Max and Shred (Nickelodeon), Saw VI (Lionsgate), Flight 93 (A&E), as well as the voice of Stephen Singh on Superhuman Public Radio.


On-stage, Shawn has garnered critical acclaim for his work on The Orchard (After Chekhov), Of Marriage and Men (Shaw Festival); Twelfth Night (Shakespeare Bash’d); Romeo and (her) Juliet (Dauntless Theatre); And Slowly Beauty… (Tarragon Theatre); Macbeth (Driftwood Theatre); Comedy of Errors, Revolutionary Moments, and More Words! More Play! (Shakespeare&Company).


Shawn proudly sits on the board of directors at POV Films, a charitable organization that helps marginalized youth break into the film and television industry through training, mentorship, job placement, and professional development. Over the past decade, POV has done a terrific job finding and training individuals to work within the industry. Shawn believes the next step for POV is to find the best and brightest and turn them into leaders. With this in mind, he reconnected with Fibe TV1 over at Bell media (where he’s sold three of his own shows) and pitched a series of projects led by people he found and vetted through POV. Four of the five shows were greenlit and will air across Canada in 2022.


Back in 2012, Shawn co-founded Crazy Shirt Productions, as a place for him and his creative peers to write, direct and produce. His projects have toured festivals worldwide, garnered awards and accolades, and sold for national and international distribution. Learn more here.

Photo by Steve Carty

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